Amazing But True: There’s Product Placement in The Road


Those who read Cormac McCarthy's The Road, history's bleakest-ever book, probably remember the part where a father finds, and gives to his son, the world's last remaining Coke. In John Hillcoat's forthcoming movie adaptation, the soda isn't the only real-life product to make an appearance. Movieline's Seth Abramovitch reports today that, at a screening in Toronto, the sight of camera-facing bottles of Vitaminwater elicited groans from the audience. When we saw the film a couple weeks ago, we also watched Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee enjoy Cheetos, Spam, and Silk soy milk in an underground shelter while they hid from hunting cannibals. It didn't really distract us that much; we were just surprised to see companies bravely allow the use of their products in a movie in which characters seem just as happy to eat bugs and people.

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