A Peek Inside the Shadowy World of Twilight Fan Fiction


Natasha Vargas-Cooper talked to some ladies who write self-described "smut" fan fiction on the popular site Twilighted.com, and they come across as a kind of fight club for middle-class moms and bored pink-collar workers. Becca, for example:

“I used to write about magic,” she said. She got her start writing PG-13 fan fiction about Harry Potter. “It was tedious," she said, "because I had to come up with new spells all the time.

“Smut, to me, is like the girl version of porn," Becca said. “Like, I’m a girl! I want details. I want a backstory! Watching two people have sex devoid of context gets kinda boring pretty quickly.”

Few participants would talk to Natasha — it seems the first rule of smutty Twilight fan fiction is don't talk about smutty Twilight fan fiction. Also, we're amused that the lady who started the site, pictured in the post, is described as being "in her late '30s." It's not even mean to point out: Now, that's a fantasy. [Awl]