ABC Won’t Paint the Sky With Giant Red ‘V’’s After All


ABC thought it had really hit on something with its plan to cover the skies in giant red "V"s to promote the reboot of seminal alien-invasion series V. What could possibly go wrong, other than mass hysteria? But then the Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes had to go and ruin everyone's fun by reminding the network that burning hundreds of gallons of jet fuel to fill the sky with ominous red "V"s might not fit with its whole commitment to "corporate responsibility." Now ABC has scrapped the plan, which would have scared you to death by putting a "V" above the Statue of Liberty. The network's official line is that it has decided to spend its money other ways. That probably means paying lizard people to invade de Moraes's house.

ABC scraps plans for 'V' skywriting campaign [Wrap]