Are These Rich Guys Crazy Enough to Save the Spider-Man Musical?


Maybe! Roger Friedman reports today that Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, Julie Taymor's $45 million, U2-scored, problem-plagued Broadway musical, may soon be back on track thanks to possible investments from producers Jim Stern (of EndGame Productions, the company behind this week's An Education) and real-estate developer Norton Herrick. In addition to all of its other problems (production has already been shut down once because of money problems), Spider-Man suffered a blow a few weeks ago, says Friedman, when embattled Chicago producer David Garfinkle pulled out, leaving another $10 million hole in the budget [Update: A publicist for the show tells us Garfinkle hasn't pulled out, and Friedman has updated his original post to say only that Garfinke "had financial trouble."]. But Stern and Herrick just might be nuts enough to help, even though some have previously speculated that the show would have to play to sold-out audiences for five years just to break even. Since we like both Spider-Man and having funny things to write about on our blog, we totally support them in this endeavor.

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