New Bad Lieutenant Trailer: Xzibit, Iguanas, and Swiss-Cotton Underpants


We've been excited to see exactly how the hell anybody was going to sell the gleefully off-the-rails, drug-crazed black-comedy romp that is Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant. How do you market a freakishly intense crime flick, set in the wreckage of post-Katrina New Orleans and starring Nic Cage in a role that makes Leaving Las Vegas seem squeaky-clean? You play up Xzibit as a gang leader and make it look like Training Day! This is one of the least creative trailers we've ever seen (the sound track sucks until the very end), but in this case, we get it: And at the very end, they do at least hint at how insane this film becomes. We won't spoil it, but that business with the iguana, and the line "His soul is dancing!" are bizarre in ways this trailer doesn't even begin to suggest.