Chris Rock Sued by Rival Hair Documentarian; What They’re Both Missing


Regina Kimbell, director of the 2006 black-hair documentary My Nappy Roots, is suing Chris Rock because she alleges that he copied several elements of the film in his new documentary Good Hair, premiering October 9 in theaters and October 12 on HBO. Both films address the history of black hair care; both visit India to see Indian women's hair harvested for weaves; and, most notably, both feature the glitzy "hair shows" in which manufacturers showcase their products and stylists showcase their sequined Broadway ambitions. (Compare the Good Hair and My Nappy Roots trailers. Personally, we doubt much will come of the suit.) One thing we do know: Rock and Kimbell could have avoided all this drama if one of them had based their doc on an insane Korean hairstylist–performance-artist instead. See his Criss Angel–meets-Spiderman-meets–Nick Arrojo performance after the jump.

To set up this 2006 performance, SwitchScissors offers the following prologue:

In the middle of walking in the woods, SWITCHSCISSORS is caught by spiderman. SWITCHSCISSORS escapes from spider web with the scissors that is given by SCISSORS' GOD from heaven. And then SWITCHSCISSORS rescues people from spider-web box and does hairshow for the thanks for SCISSORS' GOD.