Never Work With Children, Animals, or Ewan McGregor, Says George Clooney


"I'm now working with goats, we spent a lot of time together. The goat I had to stare out was a great actor — if you told him to do something he would. Now if I only I had got Ewan to take lessons from him we'd be onto a winner! But although they were good, I don't think I want to be working with animals again in the near future." —George Clooney on his The Men Who Stare at Goats co-stars [Contact Music]

"It's bullshit. That's complete crap. I don't know why he made that story up. He has a very active imagination. He deserves to die. He should be pierced with a lance, not head-butted." —Bill Murray on rumors he head-butted McG [Female Fox]

"There was nothing else I wanted to do and when I was in my teens I was really obsessed with getting into musical theater. I went around for about two years wearing a Les Miserables T-shirt.” —Carey Mulligan [Telegraph UK]

"He thought I had a pronounced vibrato. He said I sounded like a goat and I would destabilize the entire choir if I was allowed to join." —Shakira on not being good enough for the school choir [Guardian UK]

"Never! I'm not going do it [a Baywatch movie]. I liked the TV show. I don't like it when they (producers) ruin it by making a movie out of it." —Pamela Anderson [Us via Female First]