Craig Ferguson Improvs His Way Through Power Outage Using Only a Flashlight


Although most pundits would argue that television is a visual medium, Craig Ferguson is going to great lengths to prove that you don't need extraneous items like "lights" or "power" to make compelling television. Yesterday, the Scottish wonder was doing his best to make an interview with the tragically boring and basically irrelevant Alicia Silverstone something worth watching when, lo and behold, the power in his studio went out. You might not be aware of this, but high winds swept through Los Angeles last night and disrupted the flow of electricity all over town, including at Ferguson's Television City studio. The outage was only temporary, as Ferguson was able to get through his subsequent interview with Salman Rushdie without incident, but his luck would not last: Craig had to sign off the program Blair Witch–style, with only a flashlight to accompany him.

Here's the full clip of the Alicia Silverstone interview. If you get bored (and we won't blame you if you do), you can skip ahead to roughly the 9:00 mark:

Ever the inventive comedian, Craig made to sure to end his show with a bang and not a whimper: