Down With Vivian Girls; Up With Jemina Pearl!


Even as indie clichés go, “disaffected rock-and-roll waitress” is almost too precious to bear. That Jemina Pearl plays one in her video for “I Hate People” isn’t helped by the presence of scene whore elder Thurston Moore in diner-clerk garb, or an affectless Iggy Pop coming in for the chorus. But unless you require your brat-pop haughtily, and pointlessly, fuzz-adulterated — and judging by local enthusiasm for Vivian Girls, some of you clearly do — Pearl’s song will get you in the end. Imagine the Strokes getting really loose with a singer who works a wink and a sneer, but only really knows how to smile. And she’s not bad at playing a disaffected rock-and-roll waitress, either.

New Jemina Pearl (Feat. Iggy Pop & Thurston Moore) Video - "I Hate People" (Stereogum Premiere) [Stereogum]