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George Clooney Plays a Humorous Prank on Matt Damon

Look out, Matt!

Infamous prankster George Clooney has gotten revenge on Matt Damon for an alleged prank in which Damon confirmed that Clooney was gay to a reporter. According to the Telegraph, while Damon was staying with Clooney at Clooney's Italian villa last summer and trying to lose weight for a role, Clooney secretly hired a tailor to take in the waistbands of all of Damon's pants each day during his stay. Clooney said: "He couldn't understand how he seemed to be gaining weight while he was trying so hard to lose it." This confirms Damon's earlier suspicions! Ha! What's next Clooney, you mad jokester, short-sheeting Brad Pitt's bed? [Telegraph UK]

Photo: Getty Images