Guns N’ Roses Sued for Stealthily Sampling Schnauss


Oh, Axl. The Guardian reports that Guns N' Roses is being sued by German electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss for the unauthorized sampling of two of his songs on last year's Chinese Democracy. Schnauss claims that GNR's "Riad N' the Bedouins" makes use of portions of his tracks "A Strangely Isolated Place" and "Wherever You Are" — and after listening to all three songs, we're pretty sure he's right. In Axl Rose's defense, though, clearing samples takes a long time and he was on a tight schedule. Listen for yourself, after the jump.

Here's "A Strangely Isolated Place":

Here's "Wherever You Are":

And here's "Riad N' the Bedouins," in which you can definitely hear "Wherever ... " right at the beginning:

Guns N' Roses sued for copyright infringement [Guardian via ArtsBeat]