James Gandolfini on Friendship With Elaine Stritch


Last night at the Stella Adler Studio's 60th anniversary gala, we ran into James Gandolfini and asked him who was the bigger grump, he or Elaine Stritch, an honoree at the event. "It's even," he told us. "I met her at a Sopranos premiere party where she yelled at me about stuff." What happened? we asked. "Well, she said something nice to me, I turned around and said ,'Thank you,' and I turned back around. She said, 'Don’t you condescend to me you son of a bitch, turn around! And when I say something to you, you look at me!' She just berated me for about ten minutes and I immediately became about six-inches tall, and just sat there and said 'I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ... ' [Laughs] And ever since then, she has just made fun of me each time she sees me."