Jay-Z and Alicia Keys Want to Hear It for New York, New York, New York


After a weather-induced delay of 24 hours, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys kicked off Game 2 of last night's World Series with an inspiring performance of "Empire State of Mind" (this time, Lil Mama stayed home). We say inspiring because, well, every time the camera cut to the Yankees dugout, the players were seen bobbing their heads and just generally feeling it (especially Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter). And, you know, there's also the fact that they won! Anyway, from where we were sitting (which was at home), the crowd appeared to prefer Alicia Keys and her triumphant delivery of the song's chorus over Jay-Z's braggadocious verses; when Hova sang the lyric "I made the Yankees cap more famous than a Yankee can," we coulda sworn we heard a smattering of boos rattle around Yankee Stadium. Our only complaint? If we were directing the broadcast, we would've found a way to shoot the performance from a wholly different camera angle. We're fairly certain Alicia Keys would say the same thing.