No Dunham Bump for 30 Rock Ratings

30 Rock
Episode Title
Stone Mountain

On last night's sorta disappointing episode of 30 Rock, Jack and Liz's search for a new TGS star to increase the show's red-state appeal brought them to a comedy club in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The headliner: apocalyptically unfunny ventriloquist-comedian Jeff Dunham, whose terrible new show, of course, broke the record this week for the highest-rated Comedy Central's series premiere of all time. Sadly, though, he brought none of the Dunham magic with him — ratings fell by a tenth of a point from the previous week's Dunham-less episode's (Game 2 of the World Series presumably had something to do with this, but still). So, if Tina Fey's in-show quest to goose TGS's viewership with appearances by stars popular in the "real America" was also a meta ploy to boost 30 Rock's actual ratings, it didn't work. Now can we go back to "lefty homoerotic propaganda hour" already? Anyway, here's Alec Baldwin tearing the head off of Dunham's stupid puppet.