Spike Jonze Not Happy With Fast-Blogging Kanye


Spike Jonze gives a funny interview to Arts Beat in which he expresses disappointment over the Internet leak of We Were Once a Fairytale, the short film he made with Kanye West (which you'll finally have the opportunity to pay money for on iTunes October 27): "It is a weird feeling, like, 'Wait a second — I wasn’t ready to put that out! That’s mine. Uh, no, I guess it’s not mine anymore.'" Worst of all was that the damage was furthered when the video was embedded early by West on his own blog. "I think he was like, 'Oh, it's out. I'll link to it.'" In Kanye's defense, though, it can be hard to keep up on these things from Pondicherry ashrams. [Arts Beat/NYT]