LCD Soundsystem Is Back and Not Better Than Ever


Earlier this month, the long-dormant LCD Soundsystem awoke and posted a bare-bones message on its Facebook page: “Record: March. Tour: After.” Hooray! Then last week they announced that the first single they’ll release since 2007’s “Sound of Silver” would not be an original cut, but a cover of “Bye Bye Bayou” by Suicide’s Alan Vega. Boo! There is a silver lining though: Turns out the track, now streaming, is a grand departure from the original; also, turns out we’ve never — sorry, music-cred police — actually heard the original. So, new to us! How’s the actual song? Very disco-y, very ambling, very long ... kind of a dud, actually. We’ll call the whole thing a wash.

Listen to "Bye Bye Bayou" at