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Sesame Street Does Mad Men, Teaches Children the Meaning of the Word ‘Sycophant’

When the creators of Sesame Street announced in early August that they'd be putting together a Mad Men–centric episode, our minds immediately began spinning with potential plot twists for our favorite characters. For example, what if Cookie Monster revealed that he stole his identity from a cookie-loving dead guy during the Korean War? Somewhat sadly (yet as expected), the finished product concerns itself more with being wholesome and educational than it does with showing Muppets finger-banging each other. In this instance, a few generic Muppets, one of whom goes by the name of Dick Whitman Don Draper, sit around an office pitching ideas for a new Happy Honey Bear ad campaign. Per the formula established by Matthew Weiner, the junior admen discover that the Draper figure is difficult to please; at one point, Draper even calls his subordinates "sycophants." Still, we'll admit to being slightly disappointed that we didn't get to see a scene that opens on a Muppet Duck seducing Muppet Peggy with a pack of condoms nearby, mainly because we've always harbored a secret desire to call him Rubber Duckie.

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