Maurice Sendak’s Latest Grandfatherly Advice: ‘Quit This Life As Soon As Possible’


In a probable effort to dissuade easily terrified children from seeing the film adaptation of his Where the Wild Things Are this weekend, Maurice Sendak has been on a hilarious charm offensive: He recently told Newsweek's Andrew Romano that kids frightened by the movie should "go to hell" and "wet their pants," and in Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak — a 40-minute, Spike Jonze–directed documentary premiering on HBO tonight — he advises them to "quit this life as soon as possible. Get out." According to the Playlist, he also says he "hated [his] mother and father" (who apparently told him he was "an accident"), and offers these plans for the future: "I'm going to die pretty soon." So if your kid can survive this doc, we bet Wild Things will be a breeze.

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