McLovin Shoots, Scores With Mystery Blonde


The last time we heard from McLovin, Vulture's patron saint, he was sitting in the guest chair on the Tonight Show, basking in the glow of a romantic European vacation. You may recall that he met a mystery dame during that trip, one who may or may not have been a member of The Kicks. Well, it turns out that the identity of said lady friend really doesn't matter, as Christopher Mintz-Plasse has clearly moved on. Those gossiphounds over at TMZ just posted video of McLovin getting onstage during a metal concert in Hollywood last night, imploring some plastic-looking dame from the crowd to "show us [her] boobs," and then leaving the club with that very same breast-flasher. It isn't the most amazing footage we have ever seen in our lives, but it's certainly the best we've watched in the last few hours. [TMZ]