Megan Fox Senses Backlash, Retreats From Anti–Michael Bay Stance


Is it just us, or is Tuesday the absolutely worst night of the week for good television? Say what you will about Saturday nights, but at least they've got Cops! Anyway, considering there's absolutely nothing worthwhile to watch on Tuesday nights, we found ourselves flipping around a bit, and somehow managed to stumble onto something called the Scream Awards on Spike TV. Aside from showing lots of beautiful women dressed in skimpy clothes, we're not entirely sure what the point of the whole thing was, but there was one moment that caught our attention. We had been hearing some scuttlebutt over the last few weeks that Megan Fox used the evening as a public chance for her to retreat from her controversial "Michael Bay is little more than Hitler with Turtle Wax" stance, and well, last night we finally got to see the moment for ourselves. It appears that the nosedive that Jennifer's Body took at the box office has brought Megan Fox's ego back down to a more earthly plane, and although she didn't directly apologize to her penpal Michael Bay, she did get a bit choked up while delivering a speech that was intended to keep her from being booted off the gravy train once again endear her to the cast and crew of Transformers. Believe it or not, this is probably the best acting we've ever seen her do.