Michael Jackson Remade ‘Thriller’ Before He Died


When the Michael Jackson concert flick This It It hits theaters next Wednesday, it'll include a few surprises buried among the rehearsal footage and sentimental interviews. Most notably, (SPOLIER ALERT) brand-new, reimagined versions of the videos for “Thriller,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Earth Song.” MJ made the videos to serve as transitions to the live performances during the This Is It concerts in London.

Obviously, the "Thriller" remake is the most compelling, though "reimagining" what is widely regarded as the greatest music video of all time could be a bit dangerous. Will there be young love? Will there be zombies? Will there be dancing zombies? Funny you should ask. Choreographer Travis Payne told Cinemablend today that the new "Thriller" doesn't include the cutesy teen-date scenes the original had. But also, "We didn't touch what we considered the sacred inside of it." Translation: There will be zombies!

Michael Jackson Secretly Remade Thriller, And You Can See It In 3D!