Mike Posner and Wale Reach Out to Their ‘Drug Dealer Girl’


We shouted out Mike Posner, the white Duke undergrad whose R&B hooks have become an increasingly prolific rap-mix-tape presence, in our CMJ roundup. Now, as a preview to tonight’s show, we have the remix to one of his better-known songs, “Drug Dealer Girl,” featuring recent mix-tape-circuit grad Wale. It’s hard to say who’s slumming with whom, though: Wale’s touring with Jay-Z, but the buzz around his major-label debut, Attention: Deficit (out in November), seems to have dissolved; meanwhile, Posner’s right in that pre-hype groove, where no one’s had the chance to get sick of him yet. Either way, the new Wale verses don’t add anything to the cheeky tale of a boy in love with his pusher — we downgrade from “you’re never gonna be a runway model / but you can make a bomb-ass piece out of a water bottle” to “My codeine queen, I’ve seen no equal / come creep close, now we comfy and cozy.”

Download "Drug Dealer Girl": 2DopeBoyz.com