Now It’s Cartman’s Turn to Take On Lady Gaga


We'll come clean with you, we haven't been active South Park viewers for the last few years. That's not to say Trey Parker and Matt Stone's work is anything less than whip-smart these days, it's just that we rarely venture south of the HD channels Time Warner graces us with. Anyway, similar to the Kanye West "Gay Fish" moment from earlier this spring, we would be hard-pressed to relay exactly how the following clip of Cartman singing along to a Guitar Hero version of "Poker Face" affects the narrative drive of the thirteenth season of the show. However, we can say with some authority that we prefer this version of the song to the YouTube smash from earlier this spring that shows a prepubescent girl singing "If it isn't rough, it isn't fun." Kudos, Cartman, we're sure even the noted Gaga interpreter Jude Law would approve of this rendition.

Cartman singing Poker Face [Snapalicious]