Quote Us on It: Hipster Runoff Band Actually Quite Good


Lit boy Tao Lin — who may or may not author the blog Hipster Runoff — now has a musical project with his possibly fictional blogging cohort called “Jesus Christ.” (the indie band). For all the tiresome quotation marks, both literal and figurative, swirling around this project, it has resulted in one straighforwardly excellent song, “Is This Really What You Want?” which pairs Lin’s IM-derived poetry with a fittingly dumb beat, and delivers it in the form of an abstracted conversation that, to its credit, would not be mistaken for spoken word. It’s the greatest new talky music track since, well, last week. The song’s off a forthcoming EP that Lin promises will be “available digitally, physically, and emotionally.” This kid might be a real writer yet!

is this really what you want [Gorilla vs. Bear]