Rihanna’s Risky New Song, ‘Russian Roulette’


THE WAIT IS that much closer to being OVA: Rihanna’s new single, “Russian Roulette,” off her freshly confirmed upcoming album Rated R, was released this morning. (And the video is premiering tonight on ABC, for some reason.) All hype aside, Rihanna’s a big star with more eyes on her than ever, so we’re kind of bummed that Def Jam went with a Ne-Yo–penned ballad here: Junior-high yearbooks will surely be littered with quotes from this thing come June, but we’ve never gone to Rihanna for the slow jams. At least the “Russian-roulette-as-taking-chances-for-love” metaphor (because that's what it has to be, right?) does allow us to gin up perceived references to Chris Brown (“I know that I must pass this test” — hello). Ultimately, though, the wait will really be ova when we get the up-tempo second single.

Updated: The YouTube link was pulled, but the song's streaming at RapRadar.