Slumdog Children Morph From Lovable Scamps to Lovable Truants


Just when we thought all was well and good in the world of the cuddly child stars of Slumdog Millionaire comes news that, well, it isn't. As if it weren't bad enough that their shanty homes were demolished or that some a-holes from the News of the World tried to buy Rubina Ali, now we are learning that Danny Boyle and the producers of the 2009 Best Picture Oscar-winning film are threatening to pull the plug on the trust that was established for Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail. The trust is in jeopardy not because of financial mismanagement or some Madoffian shenanigans, mind you, but because the Slumdog kids just can't be bothered to go to class! The terms of the trust say that the children must maintain a 70 percent attendance rate at school in order for each of them to receive their monthly stipend of $120, but as of right now, Azhar's attendance rate stands at 37 percent, while Ali's is even lower at 27 percent. Their parents blame their children's hectic promotional schedule for their chronic truancy, but we here at Vulture would encourage Ali and Ismail to heed the sage words of the one and only Mr. T.

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