Sons of Anarchy Achieves Nirvana

Photo: Courtesy of FX; WireImage

Our favorite bad show after Mad Men, the FX drama Sons of Anarchy has devoted its second season to pitting the protagonists of its titular biker gang against a white-power syndicate (including, notably, a very bad dude played by Henry Rollins). Basically, it’s a white-trash Sopranos — Katey Sagal plays the Carmela equivalent. But the show revolves, like a big wheel of cheese, around Charlie Hunnam’s hot rebel “Jax” Taylor, whom we love for his screamingly obvious W.T. patron saint: Kurt Cobain. The blond hair, facial scruff, wallet chain, flannel shirts, and especially the air of righteous woundedness — it’s all there. Except for the proud wussiness. Kurt must be stage-diving in his grave, but seeing the previews last night for next week’s show, in which Jax and his cohort are jailed — and more importantly, forced into prison jumpsuits — just makes us sad that we don’t know when we’ll next see our beefcake in glorious grunge costume. “And he likes to shoot his gun / But he knows not what it means …”