The Couple from Once on Breaking Up but Still Collaborating


Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, members of the band the Swell Season who will forever be known as the couple from the movie Once, broke up last summer, but have a new album coming out together. In today's Times, David Carr talked to them about that:

“The usual thing, I guess, would be taking some time apart and not seeing each other,” Ms. Irglova said. “And yet, we’ve had the music together, so somehow we’ve been forced to just get over ourselves and whatever struggles we might have. We just locked into that friendship thing and continue to love each other in an unconditional way.”

“Like Glen always puts it, you live your life, and the residue of that life you lead becomes the music,” she said, adding, “The same way it turned from friends to lovers, it somehow managed to turn the other way around at the end of it, which I’m delighted about because I’d hate for it to be drama.”

It's really a delightful article even if you're not already a fan of the band. (It also contains the interesting trivia that Glen Hansard spent a month in Africa with Edward Norton.) [NYT]