The Daily Show Teams Up With Slim Thug for ‘Still a Boss’


This week, The Daily Show's “senior (and junior) hip-hop correspondent,” Wyatt Cenac, investigated the recession’s impact on the rap industry, narrowing in on the belt-tightening tactics of Slim Thug. (“Nowadays we go to the strip club to eat, not necessarily to make it rain … I don’t even look at the stage. I just go in there 'cause I enjoy the food.”) Yesterday, the show premiered the video for Slim’s “Still a Boss,” a track co-written by Cenac and Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea, intended to “raise awareness about a community in trouble.” It’s well-trod territory (“we gon’ balance our budgets all over yo’ ass!") but still pretty awesome, thanks to a truly blazing beat, Slim Thug’s always-appreciated ominous flow, and that part where the whole crew throws John Maynard Keynes biographies in the air.