The End of Days Draws Near As Hulu Plans to Start Charging Users in 2010


Noooooo! After Hulu managed to survive a dicey time this spring when both Time Warner and DirectTV wanted to euthanize the universally adored service, all indications are pointing toward something almost as terrible happening sometime in 2010. No, Seth MacFarlane won't be baring his belly for another commercial; rather, they're going to start charging for access! During Broadcasting & Cable's OnScreen summit, News Corp. deputy chairman Chase Carey went on record saying, "It’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online" and that Hulu needs to have a "meaningful subscription model as part of its business." Carey insists that there isn't a timeline in place to make these changes, but apparently indicated that it would happen sometime next year. Great, just great! Now we have to start devoting more and more of our precious free time toward mastering the ins and outs of BitTorrent. Kinda makes you wish that it was 2012 already, doesn't it?

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