T.I. Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks Very Much


According to NahRight, “Hell of a Life” is the final version of a track leaked a while back. Apparently it was recorded right before his lock-up and is slated for the Paper Trail re-release (also, it sounds almost exactly like “Whatever You Like.”) So what message did Tip want to relay while behind bars? Things might suck for him now, but all the awesome stuff he’s already done (and will continue to do soon, one assumes) totally makes up for it: he has lots and lots of money, some of which he spends on expensive cars whose names you’ll probably recognize; he can have sex with any woman he wants to just by saying things like “shorty, where you headed tonight?”; when he performs live, the ticket allotment to the general public usually sells out.

Listen to "Hell of a Life" at NahRight