Toy Story 3 Trailer: The College Years


This year, Pixar brought us Up, and in 2010 they'll give us the third movie in the Toy Story franchise — which has somehow turned into the studio's version of Michael Apted's Up series. In Lee Unkrich's first film as a full-fledged director, Andy — history's most toy-misplacingest person — has grown into a gangly, college-bound 18-year-old, and his mom, presumably intent on renting out his bedroom to hobos, demands he put his old toys in storage. As you'll see here in the new trailer, high jinks ensue, and Buzz and Woody are eventually tasked with escaping from a day-care center. But first you'll have to endure a heart-pulling, Randy Newman–soundtracked home-video montage of Andy's childhood. It's a cruel trick Pixar's playing, to have the kid age with us, and we bet they'll find a way to make his nest-leaving as sad as Up's first four minutes. That said, this looks great, but we're especially looking forward to 2014's still-unannounced Toy Story 4, in which a jobless economy forces a graduated Andy to move back home with his parents and toys.