John Travolta Extortion Case Declared a Mistrial


Poor John Travolta. After spending the last month of his life in a courtroom in the Bahamas testifying against people who allegedly tried to extort $25 million from him in the wake of his son's tragic death, some boneheaded local politician went on Jamaican TV and suggested that one of the defendants in the case was sure to be acquitted. This action caused the judge of the case to dismiss the deliberating jurors and declare a mistrial, which, for those of you out there who don't regularly watch legal dramas on television, means that they have to start the whole affair all over again. Attorneys for Travolta stated that he would once again be willing to make himself available to testify and that his legal team is "committed to seeing justice served." Jeez, between these legal shenanigans and the incident where a group of unscrupulous junketeers almost lost their lives on the tropical island, we're fairly certain we won't be making travel plans to Jamaica anytime soon.

Judge orders retrial in Travolta extortion case [AP]