ABC Tries to Stoke Interest in V With Nine-Minute Preview Clip


When we first heard the news that ABC had decided to reboot V, that glorious slice of jingoistic eighties awesomeness, the 10-year-old inside of us yelped in anticipatory delight. Our enthusiasm was dulled ever so slightly when we learned that Jane Badler's kinky leather boots would be filled by Morena Baccarin, an actress we've admittedly never heard of but also one who doesn't look as if she possesses the same sort of campy bitchiness Badler embodied. And then when we heard that ABC put the show on a two-week "creative hiatus" this summer, well, our hopes that the show would be able to top the original mini-series began slipping away. Ever cognizant of public perception, ABC must've noted the distinct lack of enthusiasm for their pricey reboot, as they've just released a clip featuring the first nine minutes of the show. While we found it to be mildly okayish, we're fairly certain Christian groups won't be too happy to see a statue of Jesus almost kill a homeless man in a wheelchair before shattering into a thousand little pieces. Watch for yourself and let us know what you think!

ABC shows off the best nine and a half minutes of V [TV by the Numbers]