Week in Review: Chaos Reigns!


Ever since Antichrist debuted to jeers at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, we've been breathlessly awaiting the day that we'd get a chance to see it. Well, folks, now that director Lars von Trier has reviewed his reviews, we've counted down the ten most brutalized wangs in cinematic history, and we've warned you about the moments in the film when you should close your eyes, the rest is up to you!

So, what else happened this week?

Amelia's Oscar chances crashed and burned! James Cameron threatened to let Paul Verhoeven finish this motherfucker! Bronson Pinchot put Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington on blast! Precious director Lee Daniels became a star! Tina Fey took a shot at Vulture hero Ben Silverman! Eggheads got mad at the SuperFreakonomics guys! Two famous people got busted for selling oxycodone! Judy Greer finally caught a break! Jeffrey Katzenberg pulled the plug on Shrek: The Musical! Dylan defeated Archuleta! Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook! Rihanna played "Russian Roulette"! Ashlee Simpson got canned! R.E.M. was used to torture prisoners! The Beatles disappointed! Hulu crushed our dreams! And we bathed in the glory that is R. Kelly!