Week in Review: Give Us $2 Million or We’ll Turn These Blog Posts Into a Movie


This week, Mad Men gave us a go-around like we've never had, Roman Polanski nearly got that lifetime-achievement award, Hugh Jackman hated our ringtone, Darrell Hammond left SNL, maybe, Amy Landecker introduced us to Cousin Itt, Thom Yorke got a new bass player, Rufus Wainwright rented some porn, Conan survived, John Krasinski got super dark and cerebral, Mel Gibson went for a jog, Screech said some things, a Clooneypocalypse was averted, Harvey lost Precious, Leno got worse, Jackman and Craig tied for first place, Don Draper taught us a new word, Kevin Smith rapped with us about Dicks, we solicited your poetry, Madonna blazed one, Woody Allen told us how to avoid one of his stinkers, we annoyed Jerry Seinfeld, and David Letterman did a stupid-human trick.