Week In Review: Gone Hiking!


What a week! The biggest news came last night, when Pam and Jim got married on The Office! Just kidding, this week's headlines were dominated by news that David Letterman and Stephanie Birkitt went "hiking" at the bottom of Robert "Call Me Joe" Halderman's driveway. Dave said he was sorry, but Halderman's lawyer isn't so sure. What a mess, right?

So, what else happened? Well, Lady Gaga sang on SNL while John Stamos and Gina Gershon sang on Broadway (albeit horribly). Nine got bumped to December and Southland got bumped off NBC. Vampire Weekend drank "Horchata," while Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald drank boat drinks. Everyone swooned over likely Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, while David Paterson swooned for Jay-Z. R. Kelly fought to show you his wang while Harry Connick Jr. fought racism Down Under. Bob Dylan caught the Christmas spirit and Marlon Wayans caught Oscar fever. John Cleese slammed his ex-wife, while the newly animated Nikki Finke slammed the New Yorker. Mad Men went to Rome, while a Backstreet Boy went to the doctor. Gene Simmons Frenched David Letterman and some girl Frenched the Cheerleader.