Which Male Heroes Character [Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler]?


It's always funny when this happens. (Stop reading now if you're still watching Heroes and don't like spoilers.) EW's Michael Ausiello and E!'s Kristin Dos Santos today have both, again, uncovered the same scoop and written blind items about it, offering different clues in such a way that, when you read them together, probably reveal too much. According to Ausiello, "a male series regular on a one-hour drama — a onetime ratings powerhouse — learned that he was out of a job only after reading his character’s death scene in the script!" (The actor is understandably mad, reports Ausiello.) Says Dos Santos, that show is Heroes and the offed character is played by one of the show's original cast members. So who is it? Based on nothing, we're going to guess Peter Petrelli, played by Milo Ventimiglia. But perhaps someone who's seen Heroes since its first season can weigh in with a more educated guess in our comments section.

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