Which Original Lost Cast Member Has No Interest in Returning to the Show?


While we still don't know how much time is left before Lost comes back for its sixth season (ABC's website will only commit to "early 2010" as a timeline for the show's return), E!'s Kristin Dos Santos is reporting that "one former Lost cast member has turned down an offer to return to the series." So, who could it be? Well, we can rule out Ian Somerhalder and Greg Grunberg, both of whom have indicated in interviews that they've been asked to reprise their roles. If we were the betting types, we'd lay our money on Harold Perrineau, as he was none too happy with Lost producers when his character was killed off near the end of the show's fourth season. And call us crazy, but if there's one guy that we're fairly certain was not asked to return, it would be that unfortunate dude who got sucked into the plane's engine in the pilot. But then again, what do we know? Feel free to sound off below on who you think is going to return, as well as who you'd like to see revived.

Guess Which Lost Star Won't Be Back? [Watch With Kristin/E! Online]