Will Saturday Night Live Do a David Letterman Sketch Tomorrow Night?


Heck if we know! It's going to be interesting to see how the late-night-television community decides to handle the David Letterman situation tonight, but we have our fingers (and our toes) crossed that head Saturday Night Live honcho Lorne Michaels took some time to put a phone call out to his old buddy Norm MacDonald today. Yes, we are cognizant that it's been ages since Norm was a cast member on the program, but anyone who recalls his brilliant (and largely underrated) run on the show will testify that his spot-on impression of the gap-toothed Indiana native was one of his best characters (for our money, neck and neck with Turd Ferguson). We are hoping against hope that MacDonald is able to squeeze a trip to Studio 8H into his schedule this weekend, even if it's only for a few quick minutes during Weekend Update. Eh, yeh got any gum?

On a tangentially related note, we really wish the content gurus over at NBC would get with the program and start doing a better job of digitizing their vast library of Saturday Night Live awesomeness. The future is now, dudes!