30 Rock Auditions for Middle-of-the-road Sitcom

30 Rock
Episode Title
Audition Day

Episode one’s study in meta might as well have been study hall; episode three, sadly, doubled back to muse on red-state humor. Last night’s episode — number four — promised more such high jinks (“Audition Day” — outsiders, in other words, trying to get in). But we believe it may come to be seen as the moment when the show went from snarky commentary to the very embodiment of its obsession: digestible, middle-of-the-road sitcom humor. Which would be fine with us, except that what this seems to mean is fewer and less absurd jokes — opportunistic, non-sequitur laughs discounted in favor of chuckles meant to reinforce character traits. Still, if it wasn’t It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it was funnier than most television. (By the way, did anyone else find The League hilarious last night?) The best part has to be when Jenna and Tracy take to his Hummer to recruit walking stereotypes for the audition. Watch below — it’s bi-LARIOUS!