A Single Man Trailer: Now With Less Gay Kissing


In Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, Colin Firth stars as a closeted college professor grieving the death of his male lover. So last week, when the Weinstein Company released the film's official poster (which shows Firth in bed with co-star Julianne Moore), some wondered if they might be trying to play down the film's gay themes in its marketing. Certainly supporting this theory is the slightly recut, TWC-stamped Single Man's trailer, which hit the Internet over the weekend. How is it different from the old version (which we posted back in September)? Well, it's three seconds longer, contains a few blurbs from critics, and totally omits the shot of Firth making out with Matthew Goode, who plays his dead lover (the shot of him kissing Moore is still there, though).

Here's the new, gay-kissing-free trailer:

And here's the old gay-kissing-enhanced version (the omitted shot comes just after the one-minute mark), which was cut before Harvey picked up Man in Toronto: