ABC Teases Us With Clips of James Franco on General Hospital


James Franco's stint on General Hospital officially starts tomorrow, but he made his debut today. According to the Speakeasy, Franco appeared on GH this afternoon playing a swarthy bum spray painting on a wall. Sounds about right. And since ABC knows most people who are actually excited about Franco's guest role will be at work tomorrow, they've released a couple clips to convince you to set that DVR.

In the first clip Franco hides behind a dumpster as he watches guys in leather jackets shoot at each other. Then he emerges and gives the shooters a creepy wave. In the second clip he locks lips with a girl (Naomi from Lost!) while "Mad World" plays in the background. And then, in that very soap-opera-y voice, mysteriously says "They're expecting me." DVR set!

James Franco's 'General Hospital' sneak peek