Adam Lambert Heroically Upstages Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift With Pantomimed Fellatio


What does it take to steal the world's attention from another Taylor Swift awards-show victory (over Michael Jackson this time!), a mishap involving gravity and Jennifer Lopez's posterior, a swear-y, nothing-special appearance by Eminem and 50 Cent, and the usual nonsense from Lady Gaga? American Idol second-placer Adam Lambert found out last night at the American Music Awards when he was mock-fellated by one of his backup dancers during a show-closing performance of his new single.

Presumably in response to Out magazine's assertion that he's being de-gayed by his management and record label (he also made out with his keyboard player), Lambert pushed a leather-wearing gentleman's face into his own gyrating crotch, causing cameras to cut away and inspiring over-the-top headlines like this one. The performance was censored on the West Coast by ABC, but not before everyone had seen it on YouTube, thereby saving the blogosphere from having to discuss this morning any of the other silly things that happened at the American Music Awards. Thanks, Adam Lambert!

Here's the video:

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