See Angela Strassheim’s Eerie Crime-Scene Art


For her latest series of photographs, Evidence, the Manhattan-based Angela Strassheim went a little Dexter on us. First, Strassheim fastidiously mapped out locations across the country where violent crimes had occurred and convinced the current tenants of the houses — most of them unaware of their homes’ pasts — to let her spray their domestic spaces with Blue Star, the chemical that Michael C. Hall, as Dexter, is always spraying all over the place to turn up blood stains long after they have been cleaned away. (She learned the technique while working at the Miami Forensic Imaging Bureau.) She then focused her lens and set her exposure time for up to ten minutes. The resulting images are noir-ish but also warm, shots of bedrooms and hallways streaked with luminescent hand smears, sprinkles, and splotches. The following works will be on view at Marvelli Gallery starting November 19.