Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries to Blow Up Jay Leno With a Bazooka, Fails


Despite an air of general restlessness and discontent at the affiliate level, Jay Leno is still showing up in our living rooms each and every night at 10 p.m. So, being the professionals that we are, your friendly Vulture editors continue to suck it up each and every night and watch Leno to see if anything remotely interesting happens. Well, last night saw the fall's 1,264th televised Lady Gaga performance, as well as an appearance from California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. As you might expect, Leno tried to convince Schwarzenegger to take a spin around the racetrack he had installed behind his brand-new studio, but failed. We quickly learned that Schwarzenegger's refusal was part of an elaborate bit which saw Jay doing a really bad Ah-nuld impression while driving his ecofriendly Ford Focus around the racetrack, and Arnold, for reasons that remain sort of unclear, shooting a bazooka at him while calling him a "girly man." Um, we guess that's hilarious?