Avatar’s New Interactive Trailer Will Change Everything


Attention, Avatar fans! We guess since you've already traded sexual favors for tickets, driven all the way to a multiplex, stood in line for hours just to watch a fifteen-minute clip of the film on Avatar Day, and endured months of ridicule from your more skeptical friends for insisting that its blue protagonists do not look silly, it isn't too much to ask for you to download and install the complicated software required to view the movie's new "interactive trailer," which Fox made available today. Once you get it up and running, the program allows you to watch Avatar's original, mostly maligned, non-interactive trailer, which will occasionally pause itself so you can view short interviews with the movie's cast and crew. It's interesting, we suppose, but once this movie's released and life on earth is changed forever, will it always take so much work just to be advertised to?

Avatar Interactive Trailer [Official site]