Can Nicole Kidman Really Say No to Starring In an Erotic Thriller With Robert Pattinson?


Before Bel Ami was a Bratislava-based pornography company, it was a page-turning novel, an erotic thriller about a young, enterprising journalist who leverages his sexuality against older, more powerful women in nineteenth-century Paris. Now it is also going to be a movie starring Robert Pattinson and maybe, Nicole Kidman. We say maybe because, according to Gossip Cop, Kidman’s rep says that any rumors about her being involved with the film are “categorically” false. But we really don’t see any way that she could walk away from an erotic thriller with Robert Pattinson. Besides, the movie has Simon Fuller for an executive producer — the man behind American Idol and the Spice Girls, among other successes — so it’s going to be huge. ‘Categorically’ is so wishy-washy anyway.

American Idol creator in deal with Twilight star [FT]