Blockbuster In-Store Movie Download Kiosks to Beat Hoverboards, Flying Cars to Market


Are you overwhelmed by Netflix's 100,000-strong DVD selection? Does the company's streaming service not satisfy your nostalgia for some fresh air and the inconvenience of clunky physical media? Well, great news! Movie-rental chain Blockbuster will soon begin test marketing its long-anticipated in-store movie download kiosks. The new cutting-edge Blockbuster Express Digital booths will finally allow customers to travel to one of the company's few remaining brick-and-mortar locations, select one of over 1,000 DRM-protected titles, download it to an SD card, drive home, and watch a film using a Blockbuster-provided set-top box that's incapable of doing anything else. Welcome to the future.

You Will Probably Never See A Blockbuster SD-Card Kiosk [Consumerist]

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