Clash of the Titans Trailer: It’s All Greek to Us


Each and every time that Hollywood greenlights a new sword-and-sandals pic, we always find ourselves asking the question, "Do people still enjoy this crap?" Because outside of Gladiator, we'd be hard pressed to name another film in this genre that we'd give our stamp of approval to since the heyday of these films back in the fifties and sixties.* That said, we still have a bit of a soft spot for the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans, mainly because of the slightly cheesy stop-motion special-effects work done by the masterful Ray Harryhausen. Unfortunately, our adoration for that film looks as if it won't be carrying over to the 2010 edition, directed by Louis Leterrier (who was also responsible for the Ed Norton version of The Hulk). Not only will this teaser trailer pound your head with one-minute-and-six-seconds worth of generic aggro-metal guitar riffs, but whoever edited this apparently figured that dozens (if not hundreds) of quick cuts of meaningless action sequences were a better way to go than actually attempting to introduce viewers to the plot elements of the film. And the worst offense of all? Some guy sees Medusa and, from the looks of it, doesn't immediately turn to stone. Sacrilege!

*Maybe 300. Maybe.

'Clash Of The Titans' Teaser Gives Us Medusa And A Giant Scorpion [MTV Movies Blog]